Dental Research Management Center (DRMC)

Current Deputy Dean (Research):

Associate Professor Dr. Zamri Radzi

Specialist in Orthodontic Dentistry

History of Department

Previous Head of Department: 

Professor Dr. Noor Hayaty Abu Kasim
Specialist in Conservative Dentistry

Associate Professor Dr. V. Rathna Devi A. Vaithilingam
Specialist in Periodontology


The Research Management Centre (DRMC) in the Faculty of Dentistry is headed by The Deputy Dean (Research), Associate Prof Dr Zamri bin Radzi. The University of Malaya has been classified as a research university since 2006/07. Thus, research has become an integral part of the Faculty of Dentistry.

Faculty Research Strategies:

  • Accreditation of research lab – ISO 17025 (Fully Automated Vickers Hardness Tester – shidmadzu)
  • Inter cluster periodic meeting
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Look for industry based funding

What we do best:

  • Ethics Approval Application
  • Research Grant
  • Research Procurement
  • Research Centre & Groups
  • Research Report & Publication
  • Research Activities
  • Research Website
  • Research Assistant
  • Research Laboratories
  • Faculty Bright Sparks Committee

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Administrative & Scientific Staff


Intan Suhana Hamid

Senior Science Officer

Junaidah @ Maimunah Hassan Basari

Science Officer

Helen Ng Lee Ching

Science Officer

Chanthiriga Ramasindarum
Research Officer

Nursyafiqah Abd Malek
Project Officer

Ahmad Najmi Ariffin

Project Officer

Ahmad Azwan Azman

Project Officer

Norshida Abd Manan

Administrative Assistant

Armizan Ahad

Administrative Assistant

Muhamed Fadil Dermawi

Assistant Engineer

Suzaimah Sulaiman

Research Assistant

Nurul Khairyah Abas

Assistant Science Officer

Lini Elyna Ali

Assistant Science Officer



Nuzaimah Ideris
Assistant Science Officer

Intan Syaheera Abdul Hamid

Assistant Science Officer

Siti Nurul Mardhiah Mohamed

Assistant Science Officer

Sumiati Pool

Assistant Science Officer

Zarina Idris

Assistant Science Officer

Hassan Ismail

Assistant Science Officer

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