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The Dental Library became part of the University of Malaya Library System at the end of 1988. Initially it was opened only to academic staff, third and final year students of the Faculty of Dentistry. It is now open to all staff and students of the Faculty.

Sabariah Basir
Pembantu Pustakawan:
Mohd Khalifah Idris
Sadiah Ahmad.


The Library is now located at the :

2nd floor, Balai Ungku Aziz,
Faculty Dentistry,
University of Malaya.








The Dental Library serves the teaching, learning and research needs of the academic staff, undergraduate students, postgraduate students and researchers of the Faculty of Dentistry.

Information about the Dentistry Collection is available via Pendeta Discovery (Online Public Access Catalogue). In compliance with international practice, the Dental Library uses the National Library of Medicine (NLM) Classification Scheme and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) in cataloguing and classification works.



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