Dental Student Society (DENSOC)


Commonly known as DENSOC, the Dental Student Society has been established on 11th of June 1975. DENSOC places importance in being student initiative, having a purpose of providing an avenue for students to be active as well as to serve the community, despite being fully loaded with clinics and classes during the day.

With hard work and dedication of its members, there are currently around 10 projects running per academic year. Among these projects include Baktisiswa, a charity project which is held annually to provide a platform for dental students to serve the community and give assistance to those in need. Student exchange programs are also held annually, whereby selected students would be partially sponsored by the faculty to visit dental schools in other countries, specifically around Asia Pacific Region. This program provides a platform for students from different countries to interact academically and culturally. Other projects are, for instance, Joint Orientation, Seniors-Freshies & Staff Night, Annual Dental Night, Intervarsity Sports Carnival and Faculty of Dentistry Mentorship Programme.

Furthermore, DENSOC has collaborations with other dental societies in both national and international levels. Every year, the dental faculties of Malaya University and the National University of Singapore take turns to host the Malaya University – National University of Singapore Interactive Games(MU-NUS). The main objective of MU-NUS is to allow participating students the opportunity to foster closer ties with each other and broaden their knowledge in dental technology and facilities. DENSOC members also participate in the Nation Dental Intervarsity Sports Carnival, whereby all dental institutes come together with the objectives of encouraging students to be proactive in physical activities and strengthening the bond between all dental students in Malaysia.

Also, UM Oral Health Education is held in collaboration with the Islamic Dental Students Society of Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya (PPIPUM), in hopes to educate and inspire people to consider oral health as an important component when defining a general wellbeing of a person. Recently, DENSOC has also organized the first National Inter-dental Physiology Quiz (iDPQ) in November 2015, in collaboration with the Malaysian Dental Students’ Association(MDSA). All of DENSOC’s activities are recorded in InciDENT, which is an annual newsletter produced by DENSOC. InciDENT’s main purpose is to highlight yearly DENSOC events and achievements of its members.






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