Dr. Solmi Abdullah Award









In 1947, a young girl left her village in Kangar Perlis to attend a secondary boarding school in Kuala Lumpur. She was amongst the three who formed the pioneer batch to sit for the school certificate exam. Her good results earned her a place in medical school at the prestigious University Malaya in Singapore. A year later, her home state, Perlis, offered her a scholarship to pursue her medical studies in Adelaide, Australia, which she accepted. It was in Adelaide that Solmi switched to dentistry, making her the first malay lady dentist in Malaysia.

Upon completing her degree, she returned to Malaysia to serve in the government service. Her success was in part due to the courage and foresight of her parents and herself, to venture far beyond her comfort zone, first to KL, then to Singapore, and later Adelaide. This was during a time when most homes had no phones, and mail took over a week to arrive. What made it even more remarkable was that she was a girl. Her courage and determination has made a difference to the lives of her children too. We dared to dream, and pursue those dreams. We value education, and strive to achieve our aspirations. She may no longer be with us today, but her legacy lives on.

This award, initiated by our father , Fadzil Hasan, recognizes young ladies who leave their comfort zones to pursue the dreams . We hope to inspire more ladies to follow in our mother`s footsteps and make a difference, not only to themselves but also their families and society.


List of Dr Solmi Abdullah Award **Award introduced in Year 2016.

2015/2016 - Ooi Xin Di