Undergraduate Management Office

Current Deputy Dean (Development): 

Associate Professor Dr. Zeti Adura Che Ab Aziz

Specialist in Endodontics

History of Department

Previous Head of Department: 

Professor Dr. Roslan Saub
Specialist in Community Dentistry


Undergraduate Management Office strives to create and deliver an exceptional undergraduate experience through seamless university-wide integration of academic excellence, personal development, and professional preparedness.

Undergraduate Management Office engages the campus community to foster a sense of pride, belonging, and accomplishment within its undergraduate student population and among faculty and staff.  The Office acts with integrity and inclusiveness to cultivate and deliver high caliber, high impact programs focused on student academic excellence, personal development, and professional preparedness.x

Administrative Staff

Maheran Zainal Abidin

Senior Assistant Registrar

Marina Dalib


Mohamad Najib Othman

Administrative Assistant

Adrian Arul Arumugam
Assistant Administrative



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