Department undergraduate activities – CFP & COHP


The community oral health promotion field project (CFP) is a practical, field, experiential learning activity designed for undergraduate students in Year 4. This project is conducted by the Department of Community Oral Health and Clinical Prevention. It provides the students the opportunity to plan, implement and evaluate a community oral health promotion programme by applying the principles of oral health promotion, oral health education and social behavioural sciences that they have acquired in previous years. It is a compulsory activity which forms part of the continuous assessment for dental students. This opportunity will also indirectly enhances students’ soft skills such as communication, leadership and critical thinking skills, which are assessed throughout the programme and graded by all lecturers at the department.

Every year, through a thorough situational analysis activity, a rural community will be identified and selected as an ‘adopted community’ for this project. A comprehensive programme will be planned by the students to promote the oral health of the village community, based on scientific evidences.  In academic session 2013/14, the project was conducted in Kampung Parit Penghulu, Sungai Rambai, Melaka. In 2014/15 and 2015/16, the students had a wonderful CFP experience in Gopeng, Perak. This academic session of 2016/2017, Year 4 students will be having their CFP in Kampung Kundang, Banting, Selangor.




The community oral health posting is a compulsory program conducted for the Year 5 BDS students. It provides an opportunity for the students to experience and enhance their understanding of the oral health care delivery system in Malaysia before entering the workforce.  In addition, the students are expected to enhance their soft skills by being involved in teamwork and practicing their oral presentation and report writing skills.

This program is conducted by the Department of Community Oral Health and Clinical Prevention with participation from lecturers from the Department of Restorative Dentistry. The students will be supervised by lecturers through out this programme. Groups of students are posted to various states in Malaysia for  a one week program. After the visit, the students are required to critically present their experience and findings in a seminar (oral presentation) and submit a written report which will be graded. The students are expected to complete this posting satisfactorily before they are allowed to sit the final examination.


Clinical Oral Health Prevention Activities (UG & PG)

The department provides clinical preventive treatment which includes topical fluoride and comprehensive oral health education that covers plaque control, dietary advice to improve and preserve oral health and smoking cessation advice. The preventive services are provided by the department’s academic staffs as well as post-graduates students. Cases seen in the preventive clinics include those referred from other clinics in the Faculty and from outside the faculty.  In addition, the academics staffs in the department are responsible in the development of curriculum in clinical prevention at undergraduate level.