Membership in Orthodontics (MOrth)

The Membership in Orthodontics (MOrth) is a bi-collegiate (RCS and RFPSG) specialist membership diploma which equips general dental practitioners with expertise in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment.

Passing the MOrth demonstrates an understanding of diagnosis and treatment planning over a wide range of problems in orthodontics together with a high level of expertise in carrying out orthodontic treatment.

How to Apply?

1.    Candidates may visit this webpage of the Royal College of Surgeons of England: to download the application form for respective examinations OR candidates can also download the application from here.

2.    If you hold and have provided a GDC number you do not need to send in any further documentation.

Please note:
3.    Candidates whose names do not appear in the current UK dentists registry (GDC) must submit evidence (in the form of original documentation or certified copies*) of the following:

(a)    Your primary dental qualification, together with the date of acquisition. The qualification you hold must be referred to on the following website If your qualification is not listed on this website you will need to provide a NARIC certificate (more information is available on

(b)    Registration document

* Copies of letters and certificates will only be accepted if they have been verified as a true copy. Attested copies must bear an original signature and official stamp (e.g. hospital stamp, university stamp, public notary stamp). Official English translations from a translation agency will be required for stamps or certificates that are not in English.

(c)    Two current passport-sized photographs

4.    Please post the completed application form along with the required evidence and photographs to the following address:

Senior Assistant Registrar
Level 10, Postgraduate Management Office
Dental Specialists and Research Tower
Faculty of Dentistry
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur

5.    Candidates must bring their current passport or a British driving licence to the examination. If you are not in a position to provide these you must produce an official document with your name, signature and a current photograph. If you do not provide some form of photographic identification, as detailed above, you may not be admitted to the examination.

Please note:
Applications must be received by the closing date stated on the MOrth website.  Late applications will not be processed.

When are the Examinations?
The examinations dates will be posted by the RCS England on the MOrth website, and the Faculty will also posted the updated information on this website.

The fees for each part of the MOrth are as follows:


Examination Name

Examination Date

Examination Deadline



Part I



MOrth Part I Fee: £480

Local Fee: MYR750

Part II


MOrth Part II Fee: £1250

Local Fee: MYR1,000

Fees are subject to any changes by the RCS and/or UM.  Candidates must pay the exam fees by credit card or a cheque or a bank draft payable to the “THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SURGEONS OF ENGLAND” and the local administration fee by posting a cheque or a bank draft payable to “BENDAHARI UNIVERSITI MALAYA” to the Kuala Lumpur centre by the closing date.


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