RESTO/PG Academic Program

Master on Clinical Dentistry Restorative Dentistry in Conservative Dentistry
Dr. Asfand Ali Khan
Dr. Azizah Murtuzah Sheik
Dr. Mohd Hasni Mahmod
Dr. Siti Haurul Ain Sheikh Aladin
Dr. Yap Wai Ying

Master of Clinical Dentistry Restorative Dentistry in Prosthetic Dentistry
Dr. Noor Hayati Raja Mohd
Dr. Enas Abdalla Etajuri
Dr. Douaa Jouni

Master on Clinical Dentistry Periodontology
Dr. Heng Wei Chai
Dr. Nor Azyytie Ab. Rahman
Dr. Ainul HAliza Ab. Malek
Dr. Poonitha Gengatharan
Dr. Raja Noreihan Raja Abdullah
Dr. Nurul Zatil Amali Ibrahim

Candidature Defence &Proposal Defence

a. MDSc

1. Jasmin Kaur Jagender Singh, 23 Jun 2016
Title : “.Cyclooxgenase-2 and DEFB1 Gene Polymorphism in Malaysia Chronic & Aggressive Periodontitis Subjects”.

2. Khairunnisa Md Tahir, 23 Jun 2016
Title: “The Effect of Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy in Clinical Parameters and Microbiological Profile in Obese with Chronic Periodontitis”.

3. Dr. Mohsin Nazir, 25 May 2016
Title: “An In-Vitro Study to Compare Biomimetic Coatings of RGD and Collagen on Modified Titanium Surfaces”.

4. Nur Farha Abdul Halim, 22.9.2016
Title : “Development of a Novel Hydroxyapatite-Titanium (HA-TI) Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) Based On Silica-Coated Titanium Powder”.

5. Dr. Muhammad Abbas Amanat, 6.4.2016
Title : “Comparing the Effectiveness of Two Types of Toothbrushes to Improve the Oral Hygiene of an Elderly Population In Malaysia”

6. Dr. Ahmed Hesham Ahmed Mohamed Eweis, 21.6.2016
Title : “Effect of Food Simulating Liquids on Bulk-Fill Composites: A Dynamic Anaylsis Approach”

7. Dr. Amira Ali Abdel Rahaman, 25.5.2016
Title : “Effect of Opefb Cellulose on Flexural Properties of Acrylic Denture Base, An In-Vitro Study”

8. Dr. Mohammad Taimur Khalid , 8.11.2015
Title : “Oral Health Related Quality of Life, Denture Satisfaction and Masticatory Performance with Mandibular Implant Overdentures : A 3 Year Prospective Study”

9. Rianti Samosir Bt Syam, 30.5.2016
Title : “Oral Health Knowledge., Attitude and Related Behavior Among 11-12 Year Old Orang Asli Children In Cameron Higland”

10. Muhammad Khairul Amir Bin Nawi, 22.1.2016
Evaluation of Oral Fibroblast and Oral Keratinocyte on UV Photofunctionalized Modification Dental Implant Materials.

11. Dr. Tipu Sultan, 28.4.2015
Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) in Socket Augmentation

12. Nurin Iziany Ramlee, 28.4.2015
The Role of Areca Catechu in Including Oral Cancer and Treating Neurodegenerative Diseases

13. Nur Bashira Shaharuddin, 22.2.2016
Assessment of Senescence in Novel Oral Mucosa Model (3d Omm) Treated with Bisphosphonate (Zoledronate)

14. Dr. Shahrukh Khan

15. DR.MAZIN SALEH SAMER, 28.4.2015

b. PhD

1. Dr. Sohernagi Muhammad Jayash, 26 January 2016
Title : “Evaluation of Newly Format POG-Chitosan Gel in Animal Model”.

2. Dr. Hayder Raad Abdul Baqi, 15 December 2015
Title : “Evaluation of Synergistic Anti-plaque Activity of Salvadora Persica L. and Green Tea – A Clinical Comparative Study”.

3. Dr. Saad Ahmed Khan, 15 Feb 2015
Title : “OCT Charat Therization of Dentinal Caries and its Correlates”.

4. Dr Ghassan Abdul Hamid Naji
Development of Novel Zeolite Infiltrated All-Ceramic Fixed Dental Prostheses”

5. Dr Madiha Habib 3.8.2016
Detection And Monitoring Of Early Dentine Erosion With Optical Coherence Tomography

6. Tharini Nawamalie Abeysinghe Gunawardena 27.7.2016
Dental- Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Conditioned Media for Treatment of Alopecia

7. Ali Abdullah Alwan Al-Maqtari 8.6.2016
Development Of A New Synthesised Multilayered Bioceramic For Dental Crown Restoration

8. Aung Shuh Wen 27.10.2016
“The Effects of Cellular Ageing by in Vitro Passaging on Molecular Signatures of Mesenchymal Stomal Cells”

9. Dr. Erum Zain 15.7.2016
Detection of Non- Cavitated Occlusal Caries with Optical Coherence Tomography

10. Dr. Priyadarshni Bindal 21.7.2016
“Angiogenic Potential of Human Platelet Rich Concentrates on Dental Pulp Stem Cells in an In- Vitro Inflammation Model

11. Dr. Omar F. Tawfiq 22.10.2015
“Reconstruction of the Edentulous Dental Arch”

12. Dr. Nazmul Haque 5.10.2015
“A Novel Process Using Human Sera for the Production of Clinical Grade Mesenchymal Stem Cell and Secretome for Regenerative Therapy

13. Dr Azwatee Abd. Aziz 23.9.2016
"In Vivo Assessment of Initial Enamel Erosion"

14. Dr. Mohamed Abdulmunem Abdulateef 22.10.2015
“Research Proposal Optimization of Functionally Graded Dental Posts Using Bioactive Glass”

15. Dr. Masfueh Binti Razali 22.1.2016
“Research Proposal Investigation of Surface Modification of Implants Abutments For Enhancement of Connective Tissue At Abutment-Soft Tissue Interface”

16. Tameem Khuder Jassim 11.2.2015
“Finite Element Analysis And Clinical Study of Implant-Supported Removable Partial Dentures”

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