University Malaya Dental Education Enhancement and Development Unit (UMDEED)


In 2012, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya established a unit known as Dental Curriculum Development and Research Unit (DCDRU). The main goal of this unit at that time was to help the deputy dean UG to review the dental curriculum so that it is in tandem with the global change in Dental Curriculum and in relation to current situation in Malaysia. DCDRU unit was led by Prof Dr. Nassrudin Jaafar (2012 - 2015) followed by Prof  Dr  Datin  Rashidah  Esa  (2015  – Feb  2017)  and Prof  Dr  Roslan  Saub  (March  2017  –  now). Later in the year 2018 the name of this unit was changed to University Malaya Dental Education Enhancement and Development (UMDEED) in line with the unit vision and mission.  

Public expectations for high quality care require university to produce a high quality dental practitioners to meet the expectation. Therefore, good designed dental curriculum is important to ensure university produce competent dental practitioners.  Dental curriculum cannot be static and it needs to be reviewed regularly to be always relevant. The development of the curriculum has to be based on scientific evidence. This is to ensure that the teaching and assessment of the dental students is effective. By doing this, we can ensure that our graduates are competent to provide dental care needed for the society. This unit is responsible to ensure the curriculum is always relevant and at par with the international standards and producing graduates who are competent, independent, safe and adhere to the highest professional conduct.

Unit Vision:
To be a renowned centre of dental education curriculum in Southeast Asia region.

Unit Mission:
To develop a quality dental curriculum through scientific evidence.
To develop and enhance the University Malaya undergraduate dental curriculum based on scientific studies

The objectives of this unit are to:
1.    develop dental curriculum which is relevant and at par with the international standards.
2.    evaluate the effectiveness of teaching methods, assessment methods and the programme in achieving programme and learning outcomes.
3.    plan and conduct teaching and learning related workshops with TDID office.  

•    Designing and enhancing the dental curriculum by utilizing the latest knowledge, skills and technology.
•    Monitoring the curriculum implementation
•    Preparing the curriculum support materials
•    Conducting research in collaboration with the Dental Education Research Group (DERG) for the purpose of curriculum development and evaluation



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