Q: What is the duration of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme?

A: The duration of the Bachelor of Dental Surgery programme is five years. First two years is pre-clinical programme, and 3-year of clinical programme

Q: What is the benefit of taking up this programme?

A: The benefit of this programme is to produce general dental practitioners who are knowledgeable, clinically and technically competent and socially responsible and are able to function effectively as a member of the nation’s healthcare delivery system and who adhere to the highest standards of professionals’ ethics and conduct.

Q: What is the career opportunity upon completion of this programme?

A: All graduands are expected to be a dental officers with a potential to further postgraduate training into various dental specialties.

Q: How many intake per year?

A: Once a year (every September of the year)

Q: What is the course structure for the BDS programme?

A: All students are required to pass all University courses. The University courses are Information Management Skills; Ethnic Relations; Basic Entrepreneurship (Asas Pembudayaan Keusahawanan- APK ); Islamic and Asian Civilization (Tamadun Islam & Asia - TITAS); English. As for the Faculty core courses, stduents are required to seat and pass all courses.

The core courses are Basic Medical Sciences; Basic Dentistry Sciences; Medicine and Surgery; Practical and Clinical Dentistry; Professional and Ethics of Dentistry; Communication skills embedded in all courses.

Q: How to apply for this programme?

A: Starting 2015/2016 academic year, University of Malaya has been awarded an autonomy status by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). With this status, University of Malaya is allow to select our own students. All potential candidates are encourage to apply via website: myum-id.um.edu.my. All potential candidate(s) is (are) required to register ID (create an e-mail ID) before officially apply.

Q: If the student failed the examination, are they allow to reseat the examination?

A: The maximum duration of the programme is 8-year. Student are allow to repeat the professional examination only once in pre-clinical year and twice in clinical year. If the student unabe to complete the maximum of 3 years in pre-clinical year, the Faculty has a right to expell the students. Whereas, if the student fail in clinical year, they only allow to repeat twice. The maximum years are allowed for the clinical year is 5 years. Faculty has a right to expell the student from the programme if the student failed to fulfill the requirement.

Q: How many semester in academic year?

A: The Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) programme is a term programme. Throughout the term (1 year), student will be tested with multiple continous assessment. The final examination, will be carried out by end of each academic year as Professional Examination.

Q: Are students allow to treat a patient?

A: Yes, starting clinical year in year 3, students are allow to treat patients (under the supervision of assigned lecturer).







Q: How i want to know research grant that available in UM?

A: Academic staff- Email circulation from Dental Research Management Centre (DRMC) via dental@list.um.edu.my OR please visit http://umresearch.um.edu.my/ & http://www.hir.um.edu.my/

A: Student - the grant application will be circulated via dental@list.um.edu.my and dental_pgrad@list.um.edu.my.

Q: How to apply research grant?

A: All the guidelines and grant information will be circulated through email as mentioned above.

Q: How to apply Medical Ethics approval at Faculty of Dentistry?

A: Application form could be obtained at http://drmc.um.edu.my/. Any inquiries related to Medical Ethics application should be email via rmc_dental@um.edu.my

Q: How to apply fund for attending a conference?

A: Academic staff - Can apply through research grant OR UMPORTAL
A: Student - Research student who received PPP grant could fill up application form which can be obtained from http://umresearch.um.edu.my/index.php.

For coursework student, Supervisor is required to prepare a letter to Dean through Deputy Dean(Research) and Head of Department and submit it to Dental Research Management Centre (DRMC) for approval process.

Q: How to reserve statistic clinic session?

A: Please email your fullname, position, Department and contact number to rmc_dental@um.edu.my. This statistic slot only available for Faculty of Dentistry, UM staff and student.

Q: How to purchase research item or to process research procurement?

A: Please submit quotation/ other document required and attached with purchase checklist which available at http://drmc.um.edu.my/ and submit it to En. Armizan, Administrative Assistant at DRMC. The procurement process will take within 1-2 weeks depends on the availability of the person involved (applicant/ supplier/ approver)

Q: How to use research equipment/ facilities at Faculty of Dentistry?

A: Please fill up Research Lab Form, Faculty of Dentistry which can be uploaded via http://drmc.um.edu.my/ .The list of person incharge for each research lab, facilities, common item, equipment and services that are available are listed in the form.

Q: How to collaborate research work with Faculty of Dentistry researchers?

A: Please submit research information to rmc_dental@um.edu.my (examples: research title/ field, researcher involved/ fund/ period etc.). DRMC will identify and request research group administrator to liase with you for further action.

Q: Where is Dental Research Management Centre (DRMC) location?

A: DRMC at 6th Floor (new building), Dental Specialist & Postgraduate Tower, Faculty of Dentistry UM - next to maternity ward at University Hospital


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