Postgraduate Programmes



The Faculty of Dentistry offers various postgraduate programmes to both local and international communities. The programmes cover a range of dental disciplines that are delivered and conducted in different mode of study to meet the needs and interest of the candidates; i.e. coursework, clinical coursework, coursework and dissertation (mixed-mode), and research programmes.

Clinical programmes are designed to train dentists to be a specialist in the field of their choice.  Candidates will be expose to clinical practice through dental specialist training at the Faculty’s specialist clinic as well as clinical posting at recognised and reputable Dental Institutions locally and/or internationally.  On the other hand, the scientists too have options of major dental areas for them to explore and experiment in such as Oral Cancers, Oral Implants, Dental Materials, Health Care System, Dental Pharmaceutics, Molecular Studies and many more. 



Master of Dental Sciences:   
Minimum duration of 2 semesters
Maximum duration of 8 semesters
Doctor of Philosophy:   
Minimum duration of 4 semesters
Maximum duration of 12 semesters
Our research niche is a specialized corner of your scientific field where you have potential to dentistry areas. FODUM has 15 research niche areas.


Coursework Programme
Master of Community Oral Health

Clinical Coursework Programme
Master of Clinical Dentistry (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery) (Clinical)
Master of Clinical Dentistry (Oral Medicine & Oral Pathology) (Clinical)
Master of Clinical Dentistry (Restorative Dentistry in Conservative Dentistry) (Clinical)
Master of Clinical Dentistry (Restorative Dentistry in Prosthetics Dentistry) (Clinical)
Master of Clinical Dentistry (Periodontology) (Clinical)
Master of Clinical Dentistry (Child Dental Health)
Master of Orthodontics

Coursework & Dissertation Programmes (Mix-Mode)
Doctor of Dental Public Health

Research Programmes
Master of Dental Science
Doctor of Philosophy

Upcoming Postgraduate Programmes!!

Details on Fees Structure  (Appendix 1, Appendix 2


Postgraduate Handbook 2017/18

Postgraduate Handbook 2016/17




Students among dental faculty collaborate to develop innovative solutions to dentistry issues. Student conferences in composition at their best involve a shared commitment involving both lectures/researchers and student.

Life on campus should be full with passion, rigour and vivacity! Our friendly campus offers everything you need to get the most from both your studies and your leisure time.


The Institute of Graduate Studies (IPS) is the Graduate Centre for UM. Since its inception in 1979, IGS has inspired to promote excellent multidisciplinary research and postgraduate training in order to meet the growing demands and development of the modern era.

Few awards will be awarded to excellent students based on criteria set as recognition.



International Student Centre/ Visa Application | 
The online application for International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students


Foreign candidates whom their partner is Malaysia citizens can apply for this program through Ministry of Health (MoH), Malaysia. MoH will send letter and resume of the candidate to the Faculty of Dentistry UM for interview. The successful applicants will get the Offer Letter from MoH and they need to pay RM20,000 for the tuition fees. It can be paid by cash or instalments.


The Faculty of Dentistry provides an opportunity to local and oversea students to work closely with the healthcare professionals from our faculty and have an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills. The fees imposed will be RM220 per entry.

The Faculty of Dentistry opens its door to local and oversea students to gain experience in the clinical field for MJDF examination and applying master degree in clinical dentistry at the Faculty of Dentistry. The fees will be RM10,000 for 1 year (exclude Visa) or RM50 per day.


The Faculty of Dentistry provides an opportunity for you to study in another university overseas under the UM Student Exchange Programme (UMSEP). Students will get to experience a different study environment and meet new people. To find out more about the UM Student Exchange Program, kindly go to

The purpose of the postgraduate admissions office is to deal with applications onto PG courses offered by the university. It acts as the first point of contact for many potential students.

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