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To provide a comprehensive and effective oral health service to all registered students of the University of Malaya.


To promote good and holistic oral health practices among university students, thus enabling them to achieve academic success and attain personal development.


To provide oral health education for students so that they inculcate a positive attitude towards oral health and practice a healthy lifestyle.


Benefits under this scheme include:

BASIC PRIMARY DENTAL CARE – i.e. consultation and clinical examination, and simple treatment eg. fillings, scaling and prophylaxis, tooth extractions, Dental Health Education on oral care and oral hygiene instructions etc.


FOR COMPLEX CASES (eg. Crowns, bridges, root canal treatment, dentures, implants, minor oral surgeries), students are referred to the waiting list ( for Undergraduate / Postgraduate ) of the Department concerned upon diagnosis and students have to wait to be called for treatment when his/her turn comes according to the waiting list.


FOR EMERGENCY CASES eg. MVA (Motor Vehicle Accidents), trauma, acute swelling, severe toothache, abscess, acute post extraction / surgical bleeding; students will be registered immediately for emergency treatment or referred to a specialist for consultation and further management upon diagnosis by the attending Dental Officer at the Students Dental Clinic or the Primary Care Unit.


COMPLEX CASES THAT REQUIRE A SPECIALIST’S MANAGEMENT eg. Medically compromised patients, dental anomalies etc. are referred to a specialist of the Department concerned upon diagnosis by the attending Dental Officer for consultation and further management.

Dental Conditions and Facilities NOT PAYABLE Under The Scheme


The cost of any dentures, splints, or any other dental appliances whatsoever.


Any dental treatment whatsoever or hospitalisation that takes place outside Malaysia, regardless whether the presence of the student outside Malaysia is at the insistence of the University or otherwise.


Cost for special drugs.

Any student who needs dental services has to register with the Registration Counter, Student’s Dental Clinic, Second Floor, Block A, Dental Faculty by filling in the Registration Form.


Treatment is by appointment only (except emergencies).
A student will be given a date and time of appointment when he/she registers at the counter. On the appointment day, screening and a complete dental check up will be done, followed by dental treatment eg.fillings, scaling, extraction, by the Dental Officer. Only basic dental treatment eg amalgam/composite fillings, scaling and prophylaxis, tooth extraction will be given. Complex treatment for cases eg.crowns, bridges, root canal treatment, minor oral surgeries ( impacted wisdom teeth) are referred to the waiting list of the Department concerned and the student has to wait to be called for treatment when his/her turn comes according to the waiting list.

Emergency cases eg. MVA (Motor Vehicle Accidents), Trauma, acute swelling, severe toothache, abscess, excessive bleeding eg.due to trauma/ accidents / extraction / surgery have to be reported immediately to the Registration Counter,  for immediate attention and treatment.


Dental Care for Public

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A world class dental training centre which provides comprehensive treatment to the
university’s staff, students and public.


Dental Services

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We strive to provide the best dental care by offering various types of treatment such as consultations, basic dental treatments and up to more complex treatments which are managed by our graduate residents or specialists. [Read more]

Implantology Unit

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Established in 1990s, this team of experienced clinicians has been actively providing consultation and implant treatment to the public. [Read more].

Cleft Lip & Palate Clinic

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The University of Malaya multidisciplinary clinic for cleft lip and palate has been established since the year 2000. The clinic is called “UM Combined Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic” (UM-CCC). [Read more]

Combined Clinics

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Special clinic with a team of general dentists and specialists in dental/medical fields involved in the diagnosis and treatment of more complex cases. [Read more]

Cancer Research

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The Oral Cancer Research & Coordinating Centre (OCRCC) was established to carry out and coordinate oral cancer research in Malaysia. [Read more]

Patient Education Portal

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Information for everyone to learn more about dental care routine and types of treatment.

Private Dental Hospital

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The University Malaya Specialist Centre (UMSC)is the private arm of the University Malaya Medical Centre in Malaysia. It is a tertiary medical centre with super-specialty services. [Read more]

Special Care Dentistry Clinic

The Special Care Dentistry (SCD) Clinic is a dedicated clinic for patients with disablity or with special needs who are unable to accept routine dental care. [Read more]

Guide to Visit

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How to get here? Detailed information for visitors. [Read more]


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