Infrastructure and Development Workshop 2018

Dear Colleagues,


As highlighted earlier during our 1st Infrastructure and Development Workshop that planning of future development is crucial in ensuring that our faculty will stay prominent and relevant for the next 50-75 years to come.


Most of the other prominent dental schools have moved to new sites or have many other new buildings. Examples are Dental Schools at Birmingham University, Otago and Adelaide. The National University of Singapore have moved to three different sites and will soon occupy their new hospital building.


If we look at our faculty, it was built in 1972 and in 1996 additional floor of Block D was completed.  It was soon followed by the development of Balai Ungku Aziz and Postgraduate Tower.


Hence, it is crucial for us to start planning the next phase of our dental infrastructure development. Currently, we do not even have enough rooms for all the academic staff, which requires urgent attention.


The objectives of our workshop are to discuss the short, medium and long term plans of each Department, Units, Laboratories, Clinics as well as the possibility of the development of new buildings at the same or different site.



Details of the workshop:

Date:               19th July 2018 (Thursday)

Venue:             Lecture Hall Level 9, 

                         Dental Specialist & Research Tower    (DSRT) 

Participants:  All the Academic Staff & related representatives

                        from various Units, Laboratories, Clinics

 Lunch:            Level 8, DSRT

Tentative of the programme is attached.


Thank you All for your support!

Best wishes


Zamri Radzi

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Last Update: July 4, 2018

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