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During the early years of establishment, many of the Vice Chancellors of the University of Malaya were seconded from the University of Oxford. Hence, it is understandable that the gown worn by university of Malaya graduands on the day of convocation are very similar to the gown worn by Oxford graduands.

The gown worn by a Bachelor Degree holder is modeled on the Bachelor of Arts (BA) gown of the University of Oxford. It is a dark blue in colour with a button and a braided cord and clasp, with bell-shaped sleeves.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Bachelor degree holders wear hoods of dark bluecolour lined with silk. The hoods of Master’s degree and Doctoral degree recipeinents have a wider silk lining and are circular in shape. The colour of the silk lining indicates the recipients respective academy/faculty/intitute/centre. The colour of the silk lining for the Faculty of Dentistry is scarlet.

Masters Degree

Master’s degree recipients weae gowns similar to that of the Master of Arts (MA) gown worn at the University of Oxford. The Master’s gown has longer sleeves than the Bachelor’s gown.

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctoral degree recipeints wear gown following that of the Doctor of Philosophy gown at Oxford, with sleeves and central fold of 13 centimeterss width, trimmed with bright green silk.

A doctoral graduand wears a bonnet while a Bachelor and Master Degree graduand wil use a black mortar board as headgear. The mortar board, which is square-shaped, comes with a tassel that should be put on the left side of the colour prior to convocation. The colour of the lapel varies according to the graduand’s academy/faculty/intitute/centre. The colour of the lapel for the Faculty of Dentistry is scarlet.

Last Update: 31/01/2022