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About University

Our History

University of Malaya, or UM, Malaysia`s oldest university, is situated on a 750 acre (309 hectare) campus in the southwest of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. It was founded on 28 September 1905 in Singapore as the King Edward VII College of Medicine and  on 8th October 1949, it became the University of Malaya with  the merger of the King Edward VII College of Medicine and Raffles College (founded in 1928).

The University of Malaya derives its name from the term `Malaya` as the country was then known. The Carr-Saunders Commission on University Education in Malaya, which recommended the setting up of the university, noted in its Report in 1948: "The University of Malaya would provide for the first time a common centre where varieties of race, religion and economic interest could mingle in joint endeavour ... For a University of Malaya must inevitably realise that it is a university for Malaya."

The growth of the University was very rapid during the first decade of its establishment and this resulted in the setting up of two autonomous Divisions on 15 January 1959, one located in Singapore and the other in Kuala Lumpur. In 1960, the government of the two territories indicated their desire to change the status of the Divisions into that of a national university. Legislation was passed in 1961 and the University of Malaya was established on 1st January 1962.

On June 16th 1962, University of Malaya celebrated the installation of its first Chancellor, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, who was also the country`s first prime minister. The first Vice-Chancellor was Professor Oppenheim, a world-renowned Mathematician.

Currently, His Royal Highness The Sultan of Perak Darul Ridzuan, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah is the Chancellor of the University of Malaya.

Professor Dato` Dr. Mohd Amin Jalaludin was appointed as the eleventh Vice-Chancellor of University of Malaya on 8th November 2013.

Cokmar Universiti Malaya

The University of Malaya Mace

The mace, symbol of authority of the University was a gift from His Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in conjunction with the installation of the first Chancellor, Yang Teramat Mulia Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj on 16th June 1962.

Measuring 55 inches long and weighing 40 pounds, the Mace, made from Kelantan silver, was designed by Mr. Mohamed  Abu Bakar bin Saman. It was crafted by Mr. Ibrahim bin Ismail, a silversmith from Kota Bharu, Kelantan. At the base of the Torch is inscribed the words “Universiti Malaya” and below the Coat of the Arms of the states in the former Federation of Malaya.

The Bowl has engraved on it the Coat of the Arms of the Federation, the hibiscus and the University’s Coat of the Arms. The Bowl rests on palm leaves supported by four doves.

On the shaft is inscribed a keris, a compass, a protractor, a wheel, a triangle and a quill. These geometric symbols denote the functions of various aspects of scientific research and education in the University. The literary aspects are symbolized by the palm leaves. The shafts rests on a bowl of flowers supported by bees in a honey-comb symbolizing the hope that the University will continue to grow in strength and be rich in knowledge.

Lagu Universiti Malaya

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