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Persatuan Alumni Pergigian Universiti Malaya (MUDA)

The impetus to establish the Alumni arose due to a timely reminder by the founding Dean, Prof Emeritus Dato Ibrahim Yasin in 1980. The Dental Faculty was 8 years old then. He passed away not long after and did not see the inaugural gathering of the Alumni. 

Since then, many young dental surgeons have walked through its gates and have served with distinction in the public sphere.  There is a lot of experience out there to be shared amongst UM qualified dental practitioners.  Each would have an endearing story of hardship and hope.

We need to develop a culture of cohesion and love for the Alma Mater, nor just for the sake of maintaining friendships amongst the graduating class. There need to be a realisation that every batch have left something for subsequent batches. Greatness of the Institution is not just a sum of the achievements of all individuals within  that particular time, but snowballing on with subsequent batches. More can be done.

As the elder members look back in time, joining the Alma Mater for reunions, the smiling young faces of younger graduates were theirs too at one time. 

So be spontaneous. Celebrate the Alma Mater. Join MUDA , feel and be young.


The aim of the Alumni is to foster the spirits of professionalism, good will, understanding and friendship
amongst members and the community


  • To represent the views, interests and welfare of all its members and provide a means of contact amongst them through its activities.
  • To promote a high standard of dental ethics and encourage a high level of dental practice amongst members.
  • To contribute towards the development of dental education in the nation.
  • To extend our service in dental health and relief work.
  • To maintain close liaison with the Faculty of Dentistry University of Malaya and Students Dental Society, University of Malaya.
  • To promote relationships with other associated associations, alumnus, organisations and societies with similar interests.
  • To raise funds and accept donations conducive to the attainment of the above objectives

MUDA Activities

  1. Appreciation award to the best final year dental student
  2. Community service and relief work
  3. Social functions such as dinner, gatherings of MUDA members, Faculty members, students and other invited guests
  4. Organize Public Lectures
  5. Participate in development and review of dental curriculum as stakeholders

Last Update: 24/12/2021