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Dear all,

On behalf of MUDA Committee members, it is a great pleasure for me to wish all MUDA members and graduates, academics, staff and  students of Dental Faculty University of Malaya a Happy 2017.

In the coming days, our good wishes too is extended to all Chinese members and staff for a prosperous Chinese New Year.

UM and all Public Universities have hugged the front pages of our local newspapers recently on their reduced budget. I take this opportunity to hail Dental Alumni members and our graduates to support fund raising and other events and activities organised by the Dental Faculty or Dental  Student Society. Your contributions may not necessarily be in cash, but can be in the form of donations of for example, hand instruments, dental materials, ideas and even your time. MUDA would be happy to coordinate your contributions with the Faculty or Society. Any saving achieve could be used to add to other prioritise spending.

MUDA best wishes to all again. Let us strive together to assist our Alma in their hour of need.

Thank you.

Last Update: 08/02/2022