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Name of Programme      :               DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (PhD)

Mode of Programme      :               RESEARCH


1.       Programme Classification

The Doctor of Philosophy programme offered is a research programme in which the research component comprises one hundred (100) percent of the whole programme of study.

2.       Admission Requirements

                (1)          The Minimum Qualifications for Admission

a)     A Master’s Degree with Honours / Distinction in Dentistry or any Science discipline; OR

b)      A Bachelor’s Degree with Honours / Distinction in Dentistry or any Science discipline; AND

c)     Evidence of adequate training and ability to undertake the degree programme of study

Admission by a person who possesses a Bachelor’s degree with distinction (CGPA 3.70 and above or equivalent), subject to monitoring of the candidate’s progress and a presentation of candidate’s research progress in one semester at a seminar within two                                   semesters from the date of initial registration.

                (2)          English Language Requirement

Non-Malaysian citizen and who possesses degree(s) from University or academic institutions not using English as the medium of instructions for that degree(s), are required to:

a)       Obtain a score of 550 for a total based on the paper, a score of 213 for a total based on the computer or a score of 80 for a total based on the internet for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL); OR

b)      Obtain a Band 6 for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)


3.       Duration of Study

This programme shall be extend over a minimum period of four (4) semesters and a maximum period of twelve (12) semesters.

4.       Structure of Programme Study

                (1)          This programme is a research programme leading to the submission of a dissertation and the format is as provided in the University of Malaya (Degree of Doctor of Philosophy) Rules and Regulations 2007.

                (2)          However, a candidate has to attend the programme compulsory course which is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Research Methodology and Biostatistics course (DXGW 6171)

                                (a)          A candidate shall attend all classes. Any candidate with less than eighty percent of class attendance for this course without any acceptable reasons or without obtaining prior approval from the lecturer concerned may be barred from sitting the final assessment for this course

                                (b)          A candidate shall pass all assessments given for this course

                                (c)           Any candidate who fail to meet the requirements prescribed above, either (a) or (b); or fail both (a) and (b) requirements, are required to re-register for the course or re-sit for the assessment(s), which ever applicable to the candidate as required by the lecturer concerned


5.       Course Registration

A candidate for a Doctor of Philosophy by research may register for the programme of study at any time but not later than six (6) months from the date the offer of admission is made.


6.       Programme Learning Outcomes (PLO)

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