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This online course is aimed to provide the relevant knowledge on good infection control practices in a dental health setting. ‚ÄčIt is the responsibility of all healthcare organization/ employers to ensure their staff have adequate & continual training in infection control & the standard precaution are always followed in the clinic (MDC, Guideline in infection control in dental practice, 2017).  

 Please follow the sequence below to ensure your participation in this course is completed. 

  1. FODUM 2022 Guideline in the transition phase of the endemic COVID-19: Return to Open Plan Clinics
  2. MDC 2017 Guidelines on Infection Control in Dental Practice 
  3. Clinical Demo Videos: 

Certificate of course completion will be issued once you have passed the post-course test. The passing grade for the knowledge test will be set at 75% as recommended by the Ministry of Health's Infection Control grading scheme (2019), indicating adherence to basic standard precautions in clinical practice and having good knowledge of basic infection prevention and control.

Last Update: 04/10/2023